sobota, 2 stycznia 2016

Free access to stocks data

Dear all,

The 2015th year wasn't easy for investors. Frankly, it was a tough year - especialy for emerging markets. The war in Ukriane,  stock market crash in China, raising intrest rate by Fed are only examples of events that influenced on stock markets.

Nonetheless, we hope that it was a good year for yours investments. We also hope that our stock analyzers - Frankfurt Stock Exchange Analyzer and Warsaw Stock Exchange Analyzer - were wisely used by you. Now, as you probably noted, we have updated data of indices. Naturally, you should noted a change in stocks and future contracts. No update on client side is needed.

What is more, we have belated chrismtas present for you. We have decided to publish all stocks data to use for free until 31.01.2016.

FSE anlyzer's free data
WSE analyzer's free data

We wish you all the best in 2016 year!

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