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A Santa Claus rally?

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First of all, we apologize for not being responsive on blog. We were very busy last two months. We still work on new products and improvements of stocks analyzers. You will see the fruits of our labor very soon.

As you know, it's December - the month of 'Santa Claus rally'. Lot of investors hope that prices of stocks will rise in December. Generally, these expectations may have roots in some issues. The first, may be attributed to funds that must to do additional trades to optimize taxes that will be paid in the next year. The second, may be connected with 'window dressing' effect where funds managers should show that their stock portfolios performed very well. Another reason is that, the financial media do like picking up  topics related to 'Santa Claus rally' and create bullish 'atmosphere'.

Of course it's not a rule, however data mining techniques indicate that December statistically belongs to bulls. However, two days ago we've seen a crush on Greek stock market - Athens Stock Exchange General Index plumbed almost -13%, and now we see effects on others european markets.

So, will we see Santa Claus rally? We don't now, but you can always find valuable stock securities with  Frankfurt and Warsaw Stock Exchange Analyzers.

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